360 Mortgage Group touts 8-day closing

360 Mortgage Group touts 8-day closing

360 Mortgage Group Touts 8-Day Closing

Many bright-and-shiny mortgage startups tout lickety-split approvals, but actually closing on their loans can take weeks. But 360 Mortgage Group assures us that its new mortgage platform truly can deliver a lightning-fast and frictionless mortgage closing.

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Bamboo Realty closes its offices, ceases operations

Bamboo Realty closes its offices, ceases operations

Bamboo Realty Closes Its Offices, Ceases Operations

It’s not easy to try to disrupt an industry like real estate. Bamboo Realty was a brokerage that tried, catering first to rental clients and later experimenting with a pay-what-you-want commission deal for real estate transactions.

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Realogy’s NRT appoints new SVP and CFO, Roger Favano

Realogy’s NRT appoints new SVP and CFO, Roger Favano

Realogy’s NRT Appoints New SVP And CFP, Roger Favano

After several announcements earlier this year about movement in Realogy’s executive suite, the real estate giant had been largely quiet about any hiring announcements. But clearly Realogy is still tweaking its all-star lineup: Today the company announced that NRT, which operates a number of Realogy-owned real estate brokerages, had appointed Roger Favano as its new chief financial officer and senior vice president.

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